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The company provides state-of-the art solutions in the area of Internet-of-Things (IoT), sensor networks and ways for retrieval, dynamic composition and use of sensor generated data. Fields of applications include sustainable urban environment & city resource management, digital city services, emergency response, customer loyalty and analytics, fixed and mobile assets management e.t.c. Telesto is recognized among the innovation leaders in Smart Cities. Telesto IoT Solutions clearly stands out for its involvement in projects that incorporate a high degree of technical challenge and therefore require high expertise and innovative approach. Its competitive advantages include the higher-level scientific profile of the staff, as well as the management skills allowing it to successfully take up all the phases of a project’s lifecycle (study-design-implementation-operation). Telesto IoT Solutions is a Cambium Networks Authorized Connected Partner and holds an ISO 9001:2008 quality management certificate for telecom and IT services.


Safe on Board

Safe-On-Board is an application for cruise ship passengers. Its primary objective is to ensure the passenger safety and convenience. It assists the passenger to understand his position and how to navigate around the ship and at the same time offers increased awareness by the crew about the safety of the passengers.


To increase the potential of use and buy-in from the passengers, the application may be also offered as part of a mobile concierge application, attending to all the needs of the passengers, including services, support for commercial activities, navigation around the ship and ultimately safety.


1. Location based advertising (e.g. “happy hour” special offers for passengers who like cocktails and pass near a bar of the ship) 2. Analytics mechanism for identifying statistics and trends relevant to the consuming statistical behavior


The application (through its back end functionality), supports the officers of the ship to better assess the situation with regard to passengers’ safety. The functionality of the application is in complete accordance to IMO (International Maritime Organization) and SOLAS (Safety-Of-Life-At-Sea) regulations.



Man Overboard

The system is designed to detect persons going overboard from passenger ships and cruise ships. It is being developed in response to a challenge of the Innovate UK (Intelligent Data Insights Innovation Contest of the InnovateUK, File Reference Number 230028), set in conjunction with Carnival Corporation & PLC.


Security and Safety

Machine Vision for Safety Applications

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